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RPOW - Try It Out!

Here's your chance to try out the RPOW system.

First, create a hashcash collision of from 20 to 50 bits. Use the hashcash software for this purpose, setting the hashcash resource string to 71672bc400000017-000003c2-0001.rpow.net. You can also use my hashcash minting page to get a valid hashcash token.

(Note: RPOW's hashcash tokens use hashcash version 1. Many existing hashcash distributions at the time of writing are using version 0 tokens. Version 1 tokens start with the characters "1:". If the hashcash token you create starts with a different number, look for hashcash version 1 on the hashcash web site).

Copy and paste the resulting hashcash token into the box below. You can also paste in an RPOW token that you have received from someone or from using this page previously.

Press the submit button to pass the token to the RPOW server: