Pierre Rochard

The Memory Pool

The Bitcoin Central Bank's Perfect Monetary Policy - December 15, 2013

The Bitcoin Central Bank will be the longest lasting institution of its kind thanks to the anti-fragile independent monetary policy it has set in stone.

Fractional Reserve Banking is Obsolete - February 22, 2013

There is no reason to deposit your money with a 3rd party. Bitcoin makes fractional reserve banking an obsolete technology.

End the Fed: Hoard Bitcoins - February 19, 2013

Low transaction costs make Bitcoin the most competitive medium of exchange in humanity’s history, and it may be the case that a currency with even lower transaction costs is theoretically impossible.

Working and Saving are Revolutionary Acts - December 24, 2012

New capital formation is the impetus for two trends that push the equilibrium of all industries towards decentralized markets: increasing technological sophistication and a deepening of the division of labor.

Speculative Attack - July 04, 2014

Bitcoin will overtake weak currencies like the dollar through speculative attacks and currency crises, not through the careful evaluation of tech journalists and 'mainstream consumers'.